Food Banks Get Creative in Managing Volunteers

After months of making do with far fewer volunteer resources during the pandemic, hunger relief organizations are getting creative as they work to reinvigorate their volunteer ranks. Some are finding value in relying on clients as volunteers. Others are finding ways to engage highly skilled workers for special projects. And a growing number are using software to help recruit and manage volunteers (see chart below), replacing manual tasks with more streamlined processes.

Fairness for Farmworkers bill remains in limbo

BOSTON – Massachusetts continues to wait patiently for the bill to address the issues of low wages and the lack of an overtime pay system for farmworkers in the state. The Fairness for Farmworkers Act (S.1205/H.1979) sits currently with the Legislature’s Committee on Labor and Workforce Development, awaiting a report before the May 13 deadline. Under the current law, farmworkers can be paid a sub-minimum wage of $8 per hour. This contrasts with the state’s minimum wage which has grown from $11

Lawmakers detail state’s climate change goals, future plans

BOSTON – Climate change will become the existential threat to Massachusetts post-pandemic, requiring the state to commit federal dollars to the problem, according to state Sen. Jo Comerford. “We are coming out of a pandemic that has disproportionately affected communities. And we now face an existential threat of climate change,” said Comerford, D-Northampton. “With federal dollars coming in, we have not only a moral but a pragmatic and fiscal responsibility to take action at this time.” Comer

PERSPECTIVE: Man vs. Epidemic: The Origin Story of Pill Man

On a chilly November morning, in front of a coffee shop on Commonwealth Avenue, Frank Huntley introduced passers-by to a sculpture made entirely of opioid medication bottles. To anyone who stopped and stared, he explained: “That is Pill Man. That was me for 15 years. Every bottle has my name on it.” I was among the onlookers. Standing by, he handed me a business card that had his email, social media handles, and the following: “Pill Man. Enough is Enough. One man’s fight to stop opiate addic

How and Why India Subjects Environmental Activism to Political Violence

Praful Patel, the newly-appointed administrator for Lakshadweep, India’s smallest union territory, seems to have missed the memo on the impending climate crisis. Since February 2021, Patel has introduced a series of new laws that are in utter conflict with the region’s cultural as well as ecological past, present and future. The Draft Lakshadweep Development Authority Regulation, for instance, allows for the removal or relocation of people from their own property for land or resource acquisitio